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Rounded Academy - Range Master Training Pack

The objective of Rounded Academy's Range Master Training Pack is to give you real self defense skills in the shortest amount of time without having to spend years attending classes, taking defensive tactics programs, traditional martial arts or combat sports.  

The Academy is your ultimate person protection resource that gives you proven and up to date training and information on all aspects of protecting yourself and your loved ones. 


Firearm Safety and Concealed Carry Course

This is what every gun owner needs to know. You start with learning your way around different firearm types, how to purchase correctly and basic range etiquette. You then move through transportation, cleaning and care and then to conceal carry techniques and methods, plus we're going to detail the most popular accessories and even show you how to lawfully buy and sell firearms. 

Guardian Firearm Retention

Never lose control of your weapon. This is a MUST for anyone who carries a firearm. We show you exactly how to maintain complete control of your firearm in literally EVERY conceivable situation. Program includes handgun and long gun retention skills from holstered to unholstered, standing and on the ground.  


The Self Defense Library

Discover dozens of hard to get reports and out of print manuals from CIA Counter Terrorism to the Navy SEAL Close combat manual.