Rounded Academy Legion Elite Lifetime Membership

The objective of Rounded Academy is to give you real self defense skills in the shortest amount of time without having to spend years attending classes, taking defensive tactics programs, traditional martial arts or combat sports.  

The Academy is your ultimate person protection resource that gives you proven and up to date training and information on all aspects of protecting yourself and your loved ones. 

The AWARE Course 

These skills are literally learn it now, use it tonight. We're going to show you exactly how to interact with your environment by implementing simple tactics to manage your personal space to every day carry. You will develop that "sixth sense" that sends a message to potential attackers that you are not an easy target. You will disrupt the predator - prey relationship causing them to go pick another target. 

Firearm Safety and Concealed Carry Course

This is what every gun owner needs to know. You start with learning your way around different firearm types, how to purchase correctly and basic range etiquette. You then move through transportation, cleaning and care and then to conceal carry techniques and methods, plus we're going to detail the most popular accessories and even show you how to lawfully buy and sell firearms. 

The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) Modules

The heart and soul of the program. The modules take you step-by-step and show you how to develop real self defense skills at home, on your own. Broken down into small, digestible lessons complete with train at home drills, you will be able to learn at your own pace on your own terms. 

We give you primary CORE COMBAT SKILLS and CLOSE COMBAT TACTICS and show you how to easily apply them to any situation. These methods are simple, easy to learn and even harder to forget. They are engineered to work during your Sympathetic Nervous System Activation during fight or flight situations. We help you hardwire these skills through easy to follow training drills so when the time comes your precise response will be instinctive and convulsive. If you can swing a bat, or kick a ball - you can do this.

But we don't stop there...

We show you how to use non-lethal technologies like pepper spray and personal alarms. We give you a complete Knife and Stick Fighting System. We show you how to survive and win against multiple attackers and weapon assaults and finally, we give you the full guide to old school weapons and lethal combatives. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you have all the tools you need to defend and protect. 

One Shot Fight Enders

If you can end the attack as fast as possible you limit your exposure to injury and lawsuits. We show you the best SHOCK KNOCK OUT techniques that will stop even the largest attacker dead in his tracks because you learn how to short circuit the central nervous system. Plus we give you a simple training circuit to develop those skills as fast as possible. 

Operation Phoenix: Lethal Combatives

This program was thought to be lost until it was discovered in a filing cabinet when we were cleaning and office. The last video close combat legend Carl Cestari ever made - this "not for public" program was captured for an elite group of instructors to give them the ultimate edge in the street. This program is the corn jewel of any serious student. 

60 Minute Self Defense

This is what every adult and teen should know about self defense. It focuses on awareness and escape and evasion. We developed this course for people who have a limited amount of time and just wanted to know the bare self defense essentials.

Stay Out of Jail Blueprint

Defending yourself in the street is hard enough, but defending yourself in court is harder...This is an outline of what to do immediately after you defend yourself. We tell you what to do and say so months later if you have to defend your actions in court you'll have the facts to support your decision. 

World War 2 Defendu

Close Combat Legend Carl Cestari came out of retirement taught this two day seminar on the Fairbairn and O'Neill systems of close combat to participants from 16 countries and almost every state. This is truly a piece of close combat history. 

The Old School Series

These five underground videos are responsible for launching today's modern combatives revolution. Filmed in the basement of the church in Paramus, NJ, Carl Cestari put his unparalleled knowledge on tape and we have them! Carl's knowledge and stream of consciousness has not been seen before or since. This collection is a MUST for any serious close combat practitioner. 

Combatives Fast Course

We distilled the essential close combat skills from the SDTS into one complete course. If you had a limited amount of time and wanted to focus on the core combat principles of the system, this is the FAST COURSE. We developed this curriculum for experiences operators who have a solid working knowledge of close combat. 

Guardian Police Combatives

A complete, nonlethal use of force program for law enforcement, military and security. This program covers scene control, threat deescalation, arresting and weapon retention. These skills have been adopted by officers all over the world, from New Jersey to Sweden. 

Guardian Weapon Retention

Never lose control of your weapon. This is a MUST for anyone who carries a firearm. We show you exactly how to maintain complete control of your firearm in literally EVERY conceivable situation. Program includes handgun and long gun retention skills from holstered to unholstered, standing and on the ground.  

Protector CSI:

CSI = Citizen Support Initiative helps people interact with police in use of force situations. A lot of times local law enforcement is out manned. A single offers responding to your community is extremely vulnerable until back up arrives. If you are so inclined, this program gives you insight into the techniques and tactics used by police and how you can assist if needed.  

Combat Jujutsu

This is how to turn your grappling skills lethal. Judo, wrestling, BJJ, MMA are all great and demanding sports, but they will leave you vulnerable in the street against an armed and determined street fighter who has friends to back him up. We show you how to turn your sport into true self defense. 

Core Combat Series

This is where the SDTS got its start. Damian Ross and Carl Cestari put this program together for people to train the core combat skills at home. Later, the SDTS was developed as the complete in depth course, but that wouldn't have happened without this program. 

Iron Fist

This is how to turn your natural weapons into weapons of mass destruction with this step-by-step body conditioning program based on hundreds of years of martial arts preparation.

Knuckle Duster

Your complete guide to brass knuckles, fist packs, sap gloves, black jacks and fist packs and how to practice them. 

Reality Check

Nine essential defense to nine common and brutal attacks from car jacking to date rape. We show you the attack, then show you how to defend against it and finally we show you the success int he street. 

Family Safe

The Family Safe Program is for parents and caregivers with children ages 5 to 12. The course covers communication, familiar predators, bullying and larger, stronger threats. 

Free Combatives Course

Four simple lessons detailing defenses against the four most common attacks taught by martial arts all over the world. These lessons demonstrate what makes the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) different than what's taught by your local martial arts expert. 

Seminar Series

Join us for live training and self defense webinars. If you can't join us live, no problem, here's where you can watch them at your convenience. 


Get validated and ranked by a certified instructor through in person or online testing program. 

The Instructor Program

Turn your passion into profits as a certified instructor with this turn key "business in a box" training, certification and marketing program. 

The Self Defense Library

Discover dozens of hard to get reports and out of print manuals from CIA Counter Terrorism to the Navy SEAL Close combat manual.