Handcuff Holster

Carbon Fiber Black
  • When your handcuffs must be absolutely secure on your belt, nylon and leather cuff pouches tend to fall short or cause issues with accessibility.  

    Our new level 2 Kydex handcuff carrier offers security, reliability and features which make it feel like an extension of your duty gear belt.  We understand that a cuff carrier is not just an accessory, it is a tool.  That is why this carrier is built with extra heavy duty .125” Kydex.  It has been optimized for use with the Smith and Wesson M100 & M300 handcuffs and stores two extra handcuff keys, a Rounded exclusive feature.  

    If you don’t want to use the level two strap, it can be easily removed with simple hand tools.  Don’t worry about your cuffs falling out because level 1 retention is engineered into the carrier itself.  Even without the strap you can be confident your cuffs won’t go anywhere… until you need them.


    Key Features:

    • Level 1 retention built into the carrier for non-strap use
    • Level 2 strap for added confidence and departmental requirements
    • Double handcuff key storage
    • .125” KYDEX construction
    • DOTS system level 2 mounting clip.  Fits most duty gear belts and can be adjusted for use with casual belts.