Concealment Express Trigger Guard Hybrid IWB KYDEX Holster (CF)

Our latest Hybrid Trigger Guard holster is the first of its kind low profile holster. This truly unique trigger guard offering has all of the same benefits of our original trigger guard holsters with the added comfort and luxury of a leather backer.

The backer is made from double ply 5-6oz (11oz combined) waxed and oiled leather that is smooth on both sides. The backer is ambidextrous and has multiple functions.  It drastically increases comfort by protecting your skin from sharp edges and hot spots on your gun while protecting your firearm from sweat and condensation. It acts as a guide for re-holstering. When your firearm is heating up on training days, it will protect your skin from the discomfort of a hot slide… and finally, it will add a little class to your rig while maintaining that minimalistic feel.

The Trigger Guard Hybrid IWB Holster comes standard with the 1.5 tuckable belt clip and a right and left hand claw to help minimize printing. Swap out the belt clip for one of the Ulti-clips we offer and wear it with your favorite sweat pants.